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Increase Business Now

Grow Your Business! Want to Have the Same Kind of Results as Social N with our Thousands of Connections and Expert Advice?

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Cross Marketing Website Ads $399– Yard Sale vs. Block Sale

Benefits of cross-marketing advertising on websites

Online Cross-marketing website advertising is an easy way to market your business directly to the right consumers and while sticking to your marketing budget.

✓ Imagine your ad on everyone else’s website page. How much extra business would you get?

✓ Cross merchandising your website is a win-win situation for all businesses.

✓ You promote the other businesses services and they reciprocate at their website

✓ Cross marketing builds on the relationships already established between the partnering company and its customers.

✓ Join with companies trying to reach the same market and the same customer base

✓ Working with in the same community lines/ local businesses only

✓ Drives more internet traffic to your website


Testimonials are used in public while Surveys are used in private and here is why. $399

Benefit of Instant Testimonials

✓ Testimonials add credibility to your company and products.

✓ Expands your business into arenas where the person giving the testimony is operating.

✓ Increase your status level and notoriety because your product is included among the who’s who of your industry.

✓ More testimonials versus less helps you make more sales and increases Sales

✓ Drives more internet traffic to your website through SEO

Benefit of conducting surveys

✓ Surveys help solve customer issues or problems

✓ Surveys make product & service improvements rapidly

✓ Surveys keep negative reviews private

✓ The Smarter way to do good business


Inter-Active websites? Can your website be seen from a tablet or smart phone? $399

64% of users search for your business using a smart phone. Are you visible?

Benefits of Inter-Active Websites

✓ Increase client visibility to your website and increase sales

✓ Interactivity helps engage a user’s experience on a website

✓ Interactive elements can tell a story or trigger emotional connections

✓ Interactivity can create a lasting impression on an individual’s mind


Social Media Package $399

Target Locate and Connect with 750 Local Clients on Twitter and Facebook in your niche or City

✓ Automate your Twitter DM (Direct Message) Response to drive Traffic to Your Facebook

✓ Create a Business Facebook Page if Needed

✓ Create a Business Twitter Account if Needed

✓ Train You On How to Use Your New Social Media Tools

✓ Connect with Large Media Accounts and other Influencers in your Region


SEO – Getting Your Business on the First Page of Google $399

Google is used by Consumers to find Local Businesses every day – Single Most Important Way Consumers find your business

✓ Do you want to see your website in Top 10 positions in Google or other major search engines?

✓ Do you want to get more targeted visitors on your website?

✓ Set up a G+ Page in your KeyWord Category

✓ Create Directory Business Listings: 20 Local and 20 National Business Listings

✓ Find High Value, Influential Links to Your Site, in “relevant” Keyword Category

✓ Can Be Done for Multiple Locations, or Single Locations



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