The State of the Union or state of confusion?


I’m Will Roberts, and this is the daily scream!! Ahh, here we go!

Well, it looks like the plan for our country for the next two years is set in stone, … yea right. As a humorist I am obligated to throw humor in my little segments, that was it. Now I’m not going to poke fun at one side of politics today, no I’m gonna poke at both sides.  Mainly because when Washington talks, who’s listening. So, the plan for Americans, based on politicians is to help the downtrodden, the middle class, the heart of America. And both sides have a different way of approaching that goal.


Here is the plan, and the characters of this political play, banks, and the rich. See the right thinks we should not tax or charge these two groups of people, they make jobs. But we should help them make more money and hope for Christmas bonuses and raises.  And the left thinks,  Fat chance.

It was once said;  A rich person’s loophole is every other persons noose hole, Ok I said it. But knowing how well these two parties work together, that speech would have better called, The State of CONFUSION!


However, even if the President walked on water, Republicans would have said, “It must be ICE!”


Will Roberts



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